Rodent Numbers

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spoilt Rats

The rats have been spoilt today, but I grabbed some amazing bargains!

Two bags of rat food for £2 something because they were out of date (I mix it with their normal food anyway)
One octopus play house (it's a big plush toy with 'arms' that they can go through, they already had an old one but this one was reduced - half the price of what they normally are!)
One cargo-net toy (again reduced, £3.49 from £11.99!)
And... not reduced but still! One willow ring (for destruction purposes)
One wooden toy which hangs up (Levi and Seth are manic wood-chewers. I've never had rats like it before those two. They were so excited when I hung it up, trying to rip it down and run off with it!)
Two tubes of ferret malt (they are addicted to it)
And one bag of biocatlet (not really exciting, I use it for their litter tray, it's gone up in price again though :()

Unfortunately this shows how bad I am at sticking to 'must save money.' However, it has been a while since I've bought them new toys so I'll justify it!

Unrelated but I'm working on art at the moment, another watercolour. Hopefully will finish it and get it uploaded if it turns out okay whenever I next get a chance to work on it!

And to leave with a rattie image:

This is Levi, Seth's brother, reaching for a treat.

- The Blogging Rat