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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Husky Painting

My latest painting is a husky on canvas board, A3 in size. The desire to draw a husky came from watching the BBC TV series 'Ice Dogs' on about a month ago. I loved the series and although this particular husky is not based on any of the ones on the show, my inspiration came from there. I'm currently reading the book based on the series too and find it very hard to put down, would definitely recommend watching and reading both :)
I don't really have much to type this week. I was going to do an art course (Botanical Illustration) at the local college but unfortunately they cancelled on me (again - lack of numbers). It was a shame as I was actually really looking forward to it. And on the rattie front, here are some photos! The first is Fergus enjoying himself with a rattie chocolate. The second is little Felix.
- The Blogging Rat


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That's too bad about that botanical illustration course! That would be so fun!