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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Weekly Rat-Update!

Unfortunately no finished art this week. I have been working on a commission but alas, not enough time to finish it on my days off. It's very annoying as all I want to do is paint but realistically I have to wait for my days off as there's never enough time in the evenings after work.

On the rat front, more problems! I've never had so many rat arguments than over the last few months, usually I have absolutely no problems but with these guys it seems they all want to bombard me with issues. Returning home tonight I let the adult's out (Fergus, Levi and Seth). However, the first thing I noticed was that Levi had a big cut just below his shoulder, near his leg. I've never had a problem with the adults before but it seems to be some sort of issue between Fergus and Levi. They are all over a year old, Levi and Seth probably nearer a year and a half so it's not like they're in their 'teenage rat hormone' type of age. I'm wondering if now that the cage dynamics have changed (with the death of Arrow and then having to take out Jasper) whether this is affecting their behaviour. Whatever it is, I'm hoping it's a one off as really, I can't fit anymore cages in my room!!! (And trying to clean up Levi's wound wasn't a fun task, he's not a rat you can pick up unless you want to be bitten! He is lovely, just you have to be careful with him).

It's not really possible to put Fergus with the 'babies' (Jasper and Felix) as he dislikes them too - basically meaning totally separate freeranging time. It's so strange for Fergus to suddenly be so aggressive (he got very fluffed up when Levi walked by earlier). Usually he is a rat who minds his own business. I'm wondering too maybe it could be food related? I've tried scatterfeeding the adults lately as Fergus weighs more than he should. It's been working, he's lost a bit of weight, but perhaps he's getting frustrated if he see's one of the other rats finding some food he missed perhaps? He is very food orientated and Levi will not let anyone approach him when he's eating so that might have resulted in some tension. Hmmh... any ideas?!

- The Blogging Rat


Rachel said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Rats have a hierarchy - possibly with Arrow passing on they've been scrapping for dominant rat?
I can relate to not having time for your crafts! I don't think I've picked up a pencil in months...

WolfySilver said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aww for you not having much time either. It's killing me, I just want to spend so much time drawing/painting etc but I can't!! XD

I wondered about the dominance thing but Arrow never was 'top rat' or whatever they want to call it xD He always was the one who just wanted to be left alone xD Who knows! Hopefully it was just a one off :/