Rodent Numbers

Monday, 14 May 2012


I've been working on artwork pendants for the last few weeks to see if I can sell a few, and these were a few of the results.
The middle two aren't for sale - the rattie based on my little Arrow.
They've been fun to create but really time consuming!!! Each is painted in acrylics. I've listed them and some other pieces of original artwork on eBay here.

Other than that I really had no inspiration to draw today, I really couldn't make anything look right which was very frustrating. Near the end of the afternoon I decided to try a seascape instead, I think I need a little break from drawing animals. Hopefully it will turn out okay, I've bought some stretched canvas and will be working on it with acrylics. A part of me wants to do something watercolour-ish but I'm lacking the inspiration!

As the weather was warm today I gave my rats their first pea-fishing of the year. The adults drived straight in, they know what to do (although this time they have a massive ceramic dog dish as I foolishly broke my rabbit dish they used for the purpose). It makes it a little more of a challenge though. The young ones have yet to work it out but hopefully by the morning they might have realised they have to fish ;)

On a slightly different rodent note, my cat (who hasn't caught anything for years) came back with a young mouse today. It was fine, no injuries and I managed to persuade it into a (hopefully) safer area. Our cat is very good at giving things up, she wasn't bothered at all when I came over to her. It's so unlike our other cat who is sadly no longer with us. He would run the minute he saw me when he had something live (guess he got wise to me rescuing things ;))

- The Blogging Rat