Rodent Numbers

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Oh Rats!

Such a long time since I last posted - I feel significantly guilty!

The last two weeks or so I've been very busy with art - trying to paint and draw more 'exotic' type pets ready for a show I attended on the weekend.  It turned out to be a good day - met lots of exotic pets including lizards, snakes, raccoons and skunks!

Hedgehog on Scratchboard

Raccoon Sign

With the show over, I finished off a piece of personal artwork that had been long neglected.  I wanted to draw one of old role-play characters from Wolf Mountain RPG (  His name is Gyfero and is painted on A3 canvas paper with acrylics:

But this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a rat comment!  A few weeks back I rescued two new boys from my local Pets at Home store (in the rescue section).  Their owner had apparantly been involved in a serious car accident so could no longer look after them.  Their names are Barker (husky rex rat) and Bonzo (agouti hooded).  They are lovely natured boys.  My plan was to add them to my existing group but it's working out to be harder than I had hoped - what with them being older my one boy Jake just doesn't want to accept them. 
One of my existing boys has also recently had a lump removed and has to be kept separate for a few days which has also put introductions off for now.  However, he in particular is rather aggressive to my oldest boy so my potential plan is to introduce my oldest boy (Felix) to the new boys.  He has met them a few times already and is unbothered by them, he just wants a quiet life with lots of food!  My other two boys will stay together instead.  So hopefully all will turn out in the end.

- The Blogging Rat