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Monday, 6 February 2012

Annnd... the rats!

I don't usually post this often but I've had a couple of extra days off (which naturally resulted in more drawing time! Unfortunately those extra days have fast come to an end, never seems long enough!)

I finished the mini canvas painting of Arrow. It was rather fun but oddly very time consuming too! I intended to get a great photograph of Arrow posing by it however the rats had other ideas (although I did managed to get a half-decent one in the end!). The moment I set the canvas down on the floor all four of my boys descended on it like it was the most interesting (and potentially edible) item they've ever seen. The result was that now the canvas has a well-placed bite mark on the right hand side. I managed to rescue it from any further nomming although that resulted in attentions being turned to the easel (which also apparantly looked like it needed a good chew). The strange thing was the first time I had shown them the canvas and easel they'd been entirely disinterested, however now it had been painted that was an entirely different story!
Practically I could probably cover up the bite mark with a little more paint but it kind of adds a little bit of character, so I might leave it!

Arrow relutantly poses with his picture!

Other than that I've been working on a couple of sketches, nothing much else as yet.

- The Blogging Rat


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That's awesome - thanks for sharing the pic!