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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hidden Retreat, Rats and More!

Finally finished my latest picture which I've named 'Hidden Retreat'. It's another attempt at watercolours by me and is just slightly larger than A4. Looking back on it, there's a few things I would have done differently, for one, I think it looks a bit too busy. Anyway, I'll try and remember those things for next time, hopefully! It's loosely based on somewhere I go past every week. Although I've never actually seen pheasants there, I'm sure there's some around there! Ironically I finished it today for Valentine's day, although that wasn't really intended!

I've also uploaded some more pictures of my rats on DeviantArt. I won't add them all here other than the few Valentine themed ones. Strangely, these two photographs were much harder to take than they look! For the first few times I was too slow so the rats grabbed the chocolate and ran. Other times tails ended up knocking over the heart shape. (Oh and it's dog chocolate, not human chocolate. Basically it tastes nasty to humans - believe me I tried it once! But apparantly rats are rather fond of it ;))

I love you as much as chocolate... by ~wolfysilver on deviantART

For the love of chocolate by ~wolfysilver on deviantART

Arrow is the dark headed one, Levi is the mainly white one (he has a few random sprinkles of grey but they are hardly noticable).

Rat-related, Happyjoe on DeviantArt drew an awesome picture of my little boy Arrow! I had to share it here because it's so beautiful and it's just totally him. Not just the colours and all but the whole personality you can feel from it.

Arrow Rat! by *happyjoe on deviantART

This is turning out to be a rather long blog post and for that I apologise! However, I do have one final thing to note for anyone interested in Wolf Mountain RPG. Two new contests have been added up, all the details can be found on the Hunting board header.

- The Blogging Rat