Rodent Numbers

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tigers and Rats!

Finished my latest picture the other day, this time of a tiger in mainly watercolours (with a touch of acrylic and watersoluable pencil in the early stages). I wanted to try drawing some sort of animal mainly in watercolour and was relatively happy with the result. I regretted doing just a random coloured background really, but can't really do much about that now!

Other than that on Monday I gave in to temptation and bought another rat. It was a little strange as I've not had the feeling of GMR (get-more-rats as the rat community calls it!) for a long while. However, one night a little before Monday I was thinking about a new rat. When I went into our nearby pet shop to buy my boy's Biocatlet cat litter for their litter tray I just had to see the rats there (as usual!) There were three boys, two of which were rexes. I have a real soft spot for rexes. It was impossible not to go home with one. I probably would have bought all three however if I'd had the room! I stuck with just one however (with the logic that hopefully the remaining two would find a home together as my little one would be with my boys). I actually chose the slightly less rex coated boy because as soon as I held him he just wanted a snuggle. I've named him Jasper. Despite his teeny tiny size he has already tried telling my adults (who are about double the size of him) that he's the boss! There were a few scary moments where he wouldn't leave Levi alone (who is a little unpredicable at times, at least with me!) However this morning I saw him cuddled up in the front of the igloo with some of them so hopefully they're all getting used to each other.

Also uploaded a new video to Youtube. It's only a quick video of my boys freeranging but shows them all (pretty much anyway, Levi is in the cage so you get a super quick glimpse of him!!!)

- The Blogging Rat