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Monday, 12 March 2012

Art, Dogs and Rats

Finished these two pieces last week (I've had a week holiday from work which meant more time for art!) One of a German Shepherd on scratchboard and one of some primroses in watercolour. Both are about A4 size, the scratchboard one slightly larger.

On Saturday we went to Crufts for the day. It was insanely busy but good fun, lots of lovely dogs. Had a little time for shopping later too.

As for rats, Arrow has been enjoying my week off because all the time I've been at home he's been out of the cage in his igloo-slipper house. He definitely won't be happy when I'm on my typical work shifts. He's enjoyed eating a range of healthy human food and baby foods this week (as he's not eating much normal rat food, he finds it very difficult to eat with his front hands now) and seems to have had a little more energy the last few days which is good.

On another rat note, I received a signed book from Scott Lynch in the post today which I had bought a little while back. It's amazing, not just because it's a great book but because it's personalised with a little drawing of a rat in! I should have really taken a photograph but perhaps later. It's not exactly as random as it seems, I named one of my (sadly no longer with me) rats after one of the characters in the book so it does make sense. I'd definitely recommend his books if you haven't heard of him already, he's a fantastic storyteller.

To end on an art note - I'm currently working on a watercolour macaw and hoping to start another scratchboard of a dog soon. This week has gone far, far too quickly and I've got the typical 'blargh' feeling of going back to work after having a holiday. ...How long until my next one?!

- The Blogging Rat


Rachel said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, that is a busy week! Crufts sounds awesome :-)

WolfySilver said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It was fun, just there were too many people and not enough time really! XD