Rodent Numbers

Monday, 19 March 2012

Parrot and a Dog

Two pictures to upload here today, although technically one was from last week.

Firstly, a parrot in watercolour on A4 sized paper. I really should have added a bit more darker shading to it in parts but at the time I was scared of either going too extreme or messing up the colours entirely. I do quite like the light tone effect in a way though.
The second, finished today, is based on a little dog I saw recently. It's on scratchboard, slightly larger than A4 in size.

Other than that, I don't have too much to say. Unfortunately next week I'll be working more hours which means less time for art, although I'm hoping I'll somehow manage to finish a picture a week as I'm doing now. I guess it just depends, some things like painting take me far longer than graphite or scratchboard. I'm currently working on a few things at the moment, an acrylic painting of a bulldog (I treated myself to some new paints as all my old acrylics are so old most of them are pretty awful to use!) and I may try pastels again after being inspired looking at some art yesterday.

On the rat front, my lovely Arrow is still with me but seems to have got worse very quickly over the last few weeks. Levi and the 'baby' (Jasper) keep having words with each other which is rather stressful. Sometimes they are fine together, other times Jasper just casually walks on Levi's shelf and then Levi has to chase him. Rat introductions are such fun... not :P

- The Blogging Rat