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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bulldog and Rat Problems

Technically this is last week's art but I doubt I will get anything finished this week unfortunately.

This bulldog was painted with acrylics on A4 sized acrylic canvas paper. It was an attempt to try out my new paints which I am really happy with. It did however make me want to paint more things in acrylic which is what I intend to do tomorrow. My other day off saw practically no art because I felt too tired which was very frustrating (especially as I have less time to draw this week because I'm on more hours at work).

As for my rat situation the last week has been rather stressful. Arrow is getting worse by the day and is hardly eating and Levi has taken a serious disliking to Jasper. My plan with Jasper was to separate him from my other boys and instead house him with his brother who happened to still be at the pet shop. My reasoning was that he'd have someone his own age (rather than boys who are over a year and more) to play with. At present he just winds the older boys up which is why Levi is having a no tolerance approach to him. They can't keep up with his hyper, bouncy energy. However, the plan hasn't yet come into action because on returning to the pet shop I found Jasper's brother wasn't very healthy (it may be stress or something more serious, hopefully not). So he's remaining there so they can take him to the vet (which is the best decision as if he had something seriously the matter with him I wouldn't want to risk my current boys being exposed to it). I hope everything sorts itself out, it's so stressful not knowing what to do for best.

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Rachel said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That does sound very stressful - I hope something gets sorted out for the rats soon. Is it worth separating Jasper for the time being anyway? My rats been doing well on his own, I get him out each day and he seems quite happy with that as company.