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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rat Talk

Another long, overdue update (I used to be so good at updating regularly!)

As usual, a quick art update and rat update!

I mentioned in one of my last entries my two newest boys, Bonzo and Barker.  I have since introduced them successfully to my oldest boy Felix.  The arrangement seems to suit them all, Felix is happy as long as there's food (he doesn't have a mean bone in his body!) and the young ones happy as long as they have regular playtimes.  However, my 'regular' playtime and Barker's version of 'regular' playtime do vary.  Unfortunately he's picked up the bar-biting habit, particularly when he thinks it's time to come out of the cage.  One of my past rats, a lovely boy called Locke did the exact same thing.  They do learn to know the exact time I usually let them out and any later - well they soon tell me about it!  It doesn't help that playtime differs in time when I'm working and when I'm not so on arriving home from work Barker is quick to look at me with an expression that clearly says 'YOU'RE LATE!' 
My other cage boys, Jake and Domino are happy alone.  There seems no chance of integrating the two groups anytime soon unfortunately.  It would have been lovely for them to all get along but I doubt it's going to happen.

But onto art!

I've got really into making sculptures again lately - this one was based on a lovely rescue Akita.  He's made with Super Sculpey clay on a foil and wire body then painted with acrylics. 

This was another recent painting finished, an A4 acrylic painting of a caped rat (as every rat should have a cape!) 

And finally, my most recent wooden sign commission of two guinea pigs.  I'm always open for sign commissions - they're 6' x 3' and hangable with jute string. 

I've also recently finished my first Christmas commission for this year (so can't actually upload it until the day!  Hoping they'll like it when they see it). 
That's about it for now - hopefully my next entry won't be so far away in the future!!!
- The Blogging Rat