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Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year

I've been neglectful of my blog again the last few months unfortunately! But as it's just gone past the New Year I thought it was about time due for a new entry.

I can't remember ever writing down New Year's resolutions for last year, but I think it was something like draw more and go out and take lots of photographs. This year is pretty much the same, draw/create more in an attempt to improve and get back to writing more. I used to love writing stories but in 2013 I don't think I did that once. I also want to write more for magazines and try and submit some of my photographs to card companies.


As far as my rat news is concerned, they all enjoyed Christmas (in so far as eating the leftovers - rats with sprouts in their paws is a very cute thing to see! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them doing it though. Obviously they loved the turkey too!)

Felix's back leg became swollen last week but after a visit to the vets and rest he seems far better and back to his relatively active self. Domino may have the beginings of another lump which is less pleasant and far more costly to sort out. At the moment it's only the size of a pea and not bothering him but might have to be removed at some stage if it does grow.


Art-wise I'm currently working on an A3 acrylic painting of a Spectacle owl after seeing this lovely bird on a bird of prey experience day.

I also had a few pictures to do for Christmas.


Squash, the Staffie - A3 in size on canvas panel.


Syd the American Bulldog, I think this one was 5" x 7" and fitted on a mini easel for display.


I've also got two articles in two different magazines this month - one in Small Furry Pets magazine about how to keep small pets warm over the colder winter months and one in the new magazine Life with Pets all about rat keeping! Both magazines are on sale now in Pets at Home stores and are great magazines for pet lovers.


Lastly I have a few pieces of art currently for sale on eBay:

Hoping to clear out a few pieces to make room for new art of 2014! (Honestly, I have too much art in my house!!!)


- The Blogging Rat