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Friday, 29 June 2012

Rats and Butterflies

Again, been busy with art since my last update. I've been working on some rat related pictures and art for pendants as I'm hoping to have a stall at a rat show in a few months or so.

The first was a stretched canvas piece, a rather large piece at 20' by 8'. I just love working on long pieces of canvas, unfortunately I've used them all up now (came in a three pack) and I've told myself to stop buying more stretched canvas until I sell some things! (I've still got lots of pieces of 'normal' shaped canvas to get finished so it's not like I'm in desperate need of it...)

I wanted to go for something more symbolic. However, to make a clean line down the middle was a nightmare! I do like the final outcome though although it took far longer than I expected.

The next piece is a scratchboard based to some degree on one of my own rats, Felix (although I've purposely changed his markings on the final thing as I never want to sell art of my own rats!) He gave me this typical 'oh leave me alone' look whilst I was sketching him sleeping in his litter tray (a favourite place for some reason!).

Lastly, and not rodent related, a butterfly piece. Same size as the painting above and also in acrylics. The idea came to me at work but never did I think of how long it would really take. Butterflies have far too many details! Again, was meant to be a more symbolic picture than what I typically do.

Unfortunately I have to leave on a depressing note this blog entry. Last week one of my older rats Fergus died. I'd taken him to the vet the day before but never thought he was that ill. It was a rather horrible shock. He was the youngest of my old ones so if anything, I thought he'd outlive them. The remaining two seem to be sticking together a lot since his death.

It's sad to have just two adults left in that cage as I know one day one will be on his own. I've always usually added more rats having a never-ending cycle but with Levi and Seth I can't introduce anyone else (after what happened with Jasper I'd probably end up with three cages!) They still dislike him, Seth seems to loath Jasper even more than Levi does. Jasper has a rather naughty trick of jumping from his freerange area, onto my shoulder and down to the adults (or more like onto the floor, me grabbing him, back up to his area... and repeat many times!) One time Seth lunged thinking he was going for Jasper (who I'd put back) but actually took a piece out of my hand instead (I must have smelt like Jasper, but Seth quickly apologised by grooming my hand once he realised!) - The Blogging Rat


Bewildermunster (Jess) said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So sorry to hear about Fergus... :(

Rachel said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The piece with the two rats is absolutely stunning, very eye catching!

That's a shame about Fergus, I'm sorry to hear he's passed on.